To the men who gave us a family

My wife and I always knew that we wanted to start a family together, and it was inevitable that we would need assistance of some sort. Even if we opted for the simplest method of conception, at the very least we would require the help of a sperm donor. In 2013, we found ourselves ready … Continue reading To the men who gave us a family

A new writing job

I’ve been offered my first writing job. I went for a meeting ten days ago with the Managing Director of a company that specialises in running research projects. We sat down and discussed what she wanted me to achieve; the project is innovative and multi-faceted, and the work will take me several months. As I … Continue reading A new writing job

Frozen Babies

A BBC news article caught my attention this week. The link stated ‘Frozen Babies’ and it was entitled "The Americans who ‘adopt’ other people’s embryos". The article focused on the issue of ‘embryo adoption’, or embryo donation as it is more commonly referred to in England. This is the process whereby frozen embryos are donated from … Continue reading Frozen Babies