A Move to Dorset

At the start of 2016, we started planning a downstairs extension to give us a large family room and open plan kitchen at the back of the house. Getting planning permission was a bit of a drawn out process, but finally our builders started work in October. Staying in the house was no problem whilst they got on with the external work. However, once the existing kitchen and boiler were removed, we couldn’t face staying in a cold house with nowhere to cook, and no hot water. Luckily A’s parents had already said that we could stay with them, so we packed up enough to sustain and entertain a family of four for six weeks. Packing the car was like real-life Tetris, with every available space used, including all of the footwells.

We said a fond farewell to Bristol, and drove the two hours south to our new temporary home in Dorset. At almost 3 years old, S was excited to see her grandparents. She is a real outdoors child and likes nothing more than a stomp through fields with the dog, or a walk through crunchy autumn leaves. In Bristol we are spoilt for choice with childrens’ activities and classes, but this area of the country is new to us. So far we have been lucky in that most days have been sunny (and some have even been warm) so we have been able to easily entertain the girls just by going for walks or to the park. We have been a bit nervous about how we will keep ourselves entertained without the usual toddler activities we go to each day in Bristol, and Google searches have not been particularly helpful in finding things to do for little ones.

This morning, however, saw a real highlight with no organised activity required. Waking up to blue skies and a frosty garden, we got ready quickly and rushed out of the door to the beach. Our favourite place to go when we visit A’s parents is Hive Beach. We love the dramatic cliffs above the long expanse of pebbled beach, and the seemingly never-ending backdrop of the rich blue sea. Whether it’s summer or winter, a walk high above the water followed by a trip to Hive Beach Cafe is just what’s needed to feel rejuvenated and alive. Today was no exception, and we all left the beach feeling windswept and happy.


Any tips for must see places whilst we’re in Dorset are appreciated – let me know below or @workinglife2016. I’d love to hear your suggestions.

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