Leaving Work Behind

I left my job in HR just under a month ago. Since then, we have been preoccupied with packing up our house ready for the ground floor extension, followed by moving out of the house and settling into Dorset. Since then I have struggled to get much writing done and have almost missed the routine of my part time job and the satisfaction of meeting targets.

When I left my job, I felt fired up and ready to make major progress on my novel and other writing ideas I had made a note of whilst still working. The reality has been quite different. I have only added another 2,000 words to my novel, and have barely thought about the other projects. The only time I really spend thinking about the projects is when I feel guilty that I am not getting stuck into them.


I am not normally one to make excuses, but then I am not normally one who fails to tick things off my to-do list, especially when it comes to work.  As we are living in a new, middle-of-nowhere area, I am also aware that it is nice for A to have company in the daytime when the girls need entertaining. We have therefore felt fortunate to spend a lot of time as a family of four, even if the days have sometimes felt long as we struggle to find activities to fill them with.  The downside of this is that I feel unfulfilled and aware that I have not made any creative progress during the day.

I know that I struggle without routine and when I am not feeling settled. I am not good at sitting down in short bursts nor attempting to get small amounts done. I much prefer to have a good chunk of time allotted without interruptions so that I can relax into the work and really concentrate. I am much more determined, and likely to achieve my goal for the day, if I have a bigger goal to work towards. If I try to snatch 20 or 30 minutes here or there, I just find that I feel distracted and unable to commit to anything, knowing that I will soon be disturbed.

Over the next few days and weeks, I hope that we will get into more of a routine. Once A has found some toddler and baby activities each week, I hope that I can use the time when the house is quiet to make some more progress with my novel and get started on the other projects. If nothing else, I will feel better just knowing that I am still writing.

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