Children at Funerals

This blog was written for The Motherload and first published here. My grandmother-in-law died recently at the impressive age of 95, and I assumed that my daughters would not be coming to the funeral. I wondered how my three year old would respond to the tear-streaked faces, the sombre mood and the person-sized box being carried … Continue reading Children at Funerals

Better in Memory

It had started off misty and grey that day, the air damp and cool against my cheeks. By the time I reached the halfway point of the walk, the earlier haze of the morning had cleared to expose a blue sky pierced by the unexpectedly intense sun. The light filtered through the trees, dappling the … Continue reading Better in Memory


As a teenager I thought I wanted to travel the globe. My tiny world felt so small it was suffocating me. I wanted to breathe life in; walk off a plane into new smells and tastes, and look down at my feet and see earth that was unrecognisable to the ground I was used to. … Continue reading Wander-lost