Publication of the Month

new years day

As 2017 was fading into 2018, I found out that one of my short stories had been voted December’s Publication of the Month at Spill Words Press. Being one of the nominees had been reward enough, but last night’s news pushed me into 2018 on a high.

The original publication of this story gave me some much needed encouragement to keep going, and since then I have written several other pieces of flash fiction. I have already submitted some of these stories, and I will be tweaking the rest over the next few days.

Last night as I was thinking about the start of the new year I found that I didn’t have resolutions as such, but goals. I want 2018 to be the year in which I finish editing my novel, and start sending it out into the world. I want to keep writing the short stories that challenge me to make every word count; to say something meaningful in just a paragraph or two. I want to continue reading fiction that challenges my beliefs and the way I think, and shows me new ways of storytelling.

Over the last couple of years I have felt that my own identity has been consumed by those of my two small children. I have found myself wondering who I am, what my interests are, and what my dreams would be if I allowed myself to have them. This year will be different. 2018 will be the start of actively finding the person I have become as I emerge from the intensity of mothering babies and continue mothering two children. I am not the same person I was before they were born, but I am looking forward to discovering the new interests that I know are within me now.

Being awarded Publication of the Month has given me the confidence to continue writing and submitting my work, and to get my novel ready for others to read. There is a satisfying neatness to this award being announced on New Year’s Day; a clean slate from which to begin a new year full of enthusiasm and excitement.

Hannah England


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