Book Review – Letters to Iris

I have started reviewing books on NetGalley and the first book I received was Letters to Iris, by Elizabeth Noble. It is due for publication on 5th April 2018.


Iris is a grandmother whose past is revealed when her granddaughter finds a number of old letters after Iris moves into a nursing home. Despite the title of the novel, I did not feel that these letters were the main part of the story.

The novel examines the complicated relationships within families, including those between parents, grandparents, children and siblings. It looks at life, loss and the difficulties we can face trying to make the right decisions. It also considers the effect that secrets can have on both the person keeping the secret, and the people who are kept in the dark. Some characters begin to collide as the story progresses, and I enjoyed the way that the different branches of the story became knitted together gradually.

Overall, I enjoyed reading Letters to Iris. The characters were very well developed and easy to picture. However, I felt that it took a long time for the story to get going, and the plot was not as meaty as I had hoped. This was an easy read, but perhaps not one I would want to read again.

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