Book Review – Missing Pieces

missing pieces

Missing Pieces is Laura Pearson’s debut novel. The book is divided into two halves, with the first half telling the story of the months following the death of Tom and Linda Sadler’s daughter Phoebe. The second half is set twenty-five years later, and Phoebe’s younger sister Bea is trying to make sense of Phoebe’s death and the devastating effect it has had on their family.

Pearson explores the subtleties of familial relationships, the fragility of children’s thoughts and emotions, and the way that trauma during childhood can have an effect long after the event has passed. The Sadler family were very believable in the way the reacted to Phoebe’s death, and despite the two halves of the book being set a quarter of a century apart, it was easy to understand what had unfolded during that time.

The writing is delicate and honest, and the book was an emotional read. Despite the upsetting content, Pearson handled the topic sensitively and carefully. I would highly recommend this book.

My thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for allowing me to read Missing Pieces by Laura Pearson. It is due for release on 21st June 2018.

Hannah England


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