Publication of the Month

As 2017 was fading into 2018, I found out that one of my short stories had been voted December's Publication of the Month at Spill Words Press. Being one of the nominees had been reward enough, but last night's news pushed me into 2018 on a high. The original publication of this story gave me some much … Continue reading Publication of the Month

Flash Fiction Published

Today I have had a piece of flash fiction published by SpillWords Press. After several short story rejections in a row  over the last few weeks, this news has given me a much beeded boost. Seeing it as the Featured Post of the day has felt like a sign of recognition. I had been feeling demoralised … Continue reading Flash Fiction Published

Postnatal Confinement

BBC news published an article this week about postnatal confinement, a traditional practice that is widespread within the Chinese community. Confinement is thought to be important because of the community's belief that the immunity of both mother and baby is low following the birth (note; I have not researched the science behind this belief). Women traditionally … Continue reading Postnatal Confinement

Home Town

Early on Saturday morning I caught the train to Birmingham. It was still pitch black as the train left Bristol, and the light didn’t break through the darkness until about an hour into my journey. Dawn arrived as the train pulled into Gloucester, and I recognised the familiar landscape of the city that I grew … Continue reading Home Town


As a teenager I thought I wanted to travel the globe. My tiny world felt so small it was suffocating me. I wanted to breathe life in; walk off a plane into new smells and tastes, and look down at my feet and see earth that was unrecognisable to the ground I was used to. … Continue reading Wander-lost