Becoming a Stay at Home Parent?

Soon we will be faced with the astronomical cost of having two children in childcare. If we thought that forking out for one child was bad, the thought of paying for two is off the scale. Last night we sat down and added up the eye-watering costs, and have been left wondering if we are … Continue reading Becoming a Stay at Home Parent?

Novel Progress

  Recently I have been feeling very positive about writing and the progress I have made on my novel. A year ago, the idea of writing a novel was merely a dream, but after allowing myself the time to daydream, scribble down notes and thrash out some plot ideas, I have now written over 20,000 … Continue reading Novel Progress

Writing Goals

I wonder if there will ever be a September when I don’t feel the fluttering of fresh starts ingrained by a new academic year every year from primary school right through to university? Despite being well out of education, I still feel the familiar mix of excitement and apprehension as the start of the new … Continue reading Writing Goals